Rules References With Knacks


Psionicist’s Mind: the character has the ability to telepathically move small objects she can see; a short rest replenishes this ability. Once per day, she can also read the thoughts of (or
project her own thoughts into the mind of ) another character of equal or lower HD.

A nice SotU with 9 class-like abilities.

[No author name on the pdf ; I can’t remember where I found it]

Download (free pdf): RulesReferenceWithKnacks

Song of the Symbi

Jungles du nouveau monde

Human colonists from a distant star discovered a large planet covered in dense nutrient-rich fluid with a thick exotic atmosphere and attempted to terra-form it using machinery lowered into the dense jungle. Genetic research led to the
creation of humanoids whose bodies leeched off the nutrients in the exotic atmosphere and waters to feed, heal and breathe. These altered humans were called Symbi (from ‘symbiotes’).

A Sean Will’s scifi jungle SotU game.

Download (free pdf): Song of the Symbi

Mutant got gunz


Alright, dis here is fer da cherries in da gang. Dis is how it is, see? The Ancientz fought demselves a big war, and deyz built lotza gunz an’ even more bullitz. Den deyz set offda Biggun an’ da whole friggin’ worl’ change forevah. Now all dats left
of ‘em are der gunz. Which is good fer us, ‘cause we gotz us some mutant bugz to kill. Now, letz see wat yer about….

Ed Green’s SotU game for mutants.