Brickmasters of the Unknown


Minifigures. These are the brickish constructible figures that come in toy brick sets. They have three parts (head, a torso, and legs) connected at two joints (hips and neck). In BMotU, these are notminiatures representing people – they are the minifig guys (and gals) themselves.

Another whimsical way to play an RPGwith toy bricks…, from M. Martin Costa

Download (free pdf): Brickmasters of the Unknown8


Rules References With Knacks


Psionicist’s Mind: the character has the ability to telepathically move small objects she can see; a short rest replenishes this ability. Once per day, she can also read the thoughts of (or
project her own thoughts into the mind of ) another character of equal or lower HD.

A nice SotU with 9 class-like abilities.

[No author name on the pdf ; I can’t remember where I found it]

Download (free pdf): RulesReferenceWithKnacks