Crumbling Epoch


Character Classes.
 Blooded. Part demon (replacing elves)
 Fighter (simplified, and the simplest—the default)
 Gray Men. Visitors from the stars (replacing dwarves)
 Lightbringer (mortals with a touch of divine blood)
 Lumpen Ones. Weird lumpy vermin (replacing halflings)
 Martial Artist (not necessarily a monk)
 Thirster (weak-blooded vampire)
 Wizard (with a whole new magic system)

Andrew Shields’ weird fantasy version of SotU.

Download (free pdf): crumbling-epoch-4-23-13

A word from the author:

Full version in pay-what-you-want version here:




Mutant got gunz


Alright, dis here is fer da cherries in da gang. Dis is how it is, see? The Ancientz fought demselves a big war, and deyz built lotza gunz an’ even more bullitz. Den deyz set offda Biggun an’ da whole friggin’ worl’ change forevah. Now all dats left
of ‘em are der gunz. Which is good fer us, ‘cause we gotz us some mutant bugz to kill. Now, letz see wat yer about….

Ed Green’s SotU game for mutants.